Digital marketing

  • August 24, 2020

With the increase in internet usage rates to nearly half of the world’s population at the present time, digital marketing through the Internet and new media, especially social media, has become one of the most important means of spreading for ambitious companies, and it is the real key to achieving the goals of companies and institutions and reaping profits in addition to being a tool for determining the desires and needs of Clients and do marketing research in virtual reality as 61% of the world’s internet users search for products and services over the Internet.

Therefore, we believe in our company in the importance of new media in our present time, which has become one of the direct and effective means of communicating with the public, we are working to provide our customers with various services from the processing of new media platforms from the website and the pages of institutions and organizations on social networks, developing them and making their own digital content in addition to many From the services of monitoring and analyzing social media channels, and in light of the competition of various advertising and marketing means, the power of social media appears in highlighting brands, creating relationships with customers and providing various marketing campaigns to our customers.

Digital Marketing Services Include:

Website design and development:

The website expresses the credibility of your company or organization, and it is the main source of information related to your products and services that you offer.

The website development team at 2P provides an integrated set of services that include all stages of website design and development, from programming to graphic design and textual content consistent with the requirements of different search engines, as we guarantee you to have an effective, easy-to-use website designed at high levels of From a technical and security point of view, to be the ideal platform for communicating with your audience over the Internet.

Our services include developing identification websites for institutions and organizations in multiple languages, in addition to developing e-commerce sites and service sites by relying on the latest technologies in developing websites through the best programming languages ​​and hosting platforms with providing technical support services around the clock.

Social media platforms management:

The xpassion team works on designing and managing social media platforms of all kinds (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat – YouTube) for institutions, individuals and public figures to serve the aspirations and goals of customers in communicating with their audience.

Our services are based on building and managing social media sites, building strategies, making and preparing content for social media networks of all kinds, text, visual and interactive, publishing this content and interacting with the audience through comments and observations, in addition to preparing regular analytical reports on general performance and interaction with the audience.

We also provide a reputation monitoring service through social networks, where institutions and organizations use this smart service to determine what is said about their organization, whether positive or negative, in addition to what is said about their goods or everything that may affect them, in a way that helps the organization to track the popularity of their campaigns and discover the extent of Their popularity on social media, in addition to knowing the notes and comments and how the audience responds to what they post.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing is considered an essential method of communication and marketing in the business world, targeting specific markets precisely, and doing cost-effective marketing, studies have indicated that 91% of customers browse their emails daily and 66% of sales on the Internet were through marketing via E-mail.

In this regard, the 2P team seeks to identify the postal addresses of the audience categories that the client needs and to prepare mailing campaigns that suit the client’s marketing aspirations.

The e-marketing service helps you understand and know the response of your customers to marketing campaigns, which gives you the ability to develop the marketing campaign and modify it according to the responses of your customers.

Email marketing campaigns are characterized by many characteristics that most other advertising media do not provide, which makes them a distinctive and important advertising medium, especially if the advertisement for a product or service has many details or in the event that a group of services or products need to be advertised in an advertising message. One, as it produces an unlimited space for the advertiser to put forward all the details about the advertised service or product, whether with text content or images, in addition to the possibility of directing the future of advertising to a specific web page to view more details and information about the product or service or even about the facility providing the service.

Improve your SEO ranking in global search engines:

According to the statistics for the year 2016, 6 billion and 586 million searches take place on the Internet every day, and the share of the Google search engine is 68% of these operations. Social networks.

Therefore, the distinctive digital content of your website and your or your organization’s social media accounts will not perform its job in achieving the goals you aspire to unless your target customers and customers can access it through search engines.

Here, the mission of the digital marketing team at 2P comes into play, as we work to increase the number of visits to your site by improving its appearance in the pages of natural search results on search engines through “SEO” techniques and tools, which aim to facilitate access to your website through searches that It is conducted by those looking for the services and products that your organizations offer.

Manage advertising campaigns through the Internet and social networks:

The rapid development of digital media has created new opportunities and new areas for advertising and marketing, which has led to the rapid growth of digital marketing. At the end of 2016, the volume of advertising spending on the Internet in the Middle East region reached $ 5.6 billion. Online ads and social media sites have great advantages in promoting Products and services, delivering advertising messages to the right audience, and achieving interaction with them.

Therefore, we work at 2P through our team of creators to design creative ideas for advertisements and advertising campaigns to serve the promotional messages intended to be delivered to the public, and to work on publishing these ads on major websites and news and social platforms in addition to social media platforms in line with our customers’ marketing goals and their target audience in the advertisement.

Mobile Marketing:

At the present time, the users of mobile phones are increasing so that these devices have become an integral part of daily life, which provides a great opportunity to promote your services and products to your target and potential customers anywhere in the world and at all times, through the development and design of mobile phone advertisements and application advertisements .

We work in 2P to manage mobile phone marketing campaigns that start with developing the idea and design of the advertisement, identifying the target customer segments, sending messages and ending with following up the performance of advertisements and cases of visitors turning into potential or actual customers, thus ensuring the best results of increasing the number of visits on your website or application , Which ultimately achieves all the required returns.