Digital content industry

  • August 24, 2020

Digital content industry
Digital content, including words, texts, pictures, videos, and publications, is one of the most important means of influencing the audience. If you have a service, product or idea that you want to communicate or promote to the target audience, you can express it through distinctive digital content.

The content industry department in 2P has creative capabilities, specialized skills and proficiency in the language in a distinctive way. The team of writers, editors and translators are distinguished by high research capabilities and in-depth experience in different sectors, in addition to the ability to adapt to the requirements of work, enabling them to develop various types of digital and editorial content, taking into account Customer’s marketing goals.

The digital content industry service includes:

Preparing digital text content for websites and social media platforms that includes: company profile – explanations of service or product – reports and news of monthly and annual events – blogs and publications – issuance of studies and research articles.

Developing various types of written and rhetorical content that include: official and internal correspondence, case studies, main topics of conversation, letters, and others.

Electronic and print media content includes: Statements and digital press articles – summaries of information about the company.

Revision, editing and editing services (linguistic, grammatical and spelling), text translation and editing.

Designing promotional, educational and educational photos and videos in order to achieve the goals of the desired message for the target audience: regular photos – infographics – motion graphics videos – reports with voiceover – news reports.