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Mobile application design

Today we will talk about one of the most important fields that can be studied and frankly thinking to become the best and most important fields of work in this period and the coming periods as well, which is the idea of ​​designing a mobile application, the idea of ​​entering a person in this field can he promotes him to the business class in a very small period, if you see A problem that you feel can be solved, or you have strong ideas for mobile applications that you can know will be strong and successful, you can start learning how to design these applications and launch them to the market, in this article we will talk about ideas of strong mobile applications that you can start with, and we will arrange them in some steps T. I prefer you to follow it step by step.

The first step in designing a mobile application

Finding the idea is the basis for a successful mobile application design. The step to get an idea or problem to create an application to solve it in itself is the first step. If you already have an idea about an application, then go to the next step directly, but if you do not have, continue what we have written in this step. , If you want to create an application but you have no idea about the content of the application you want to create then all you have to do is find any problem and create an application for how to address it, and of course the problems are everywhere.

Successful entrepreneurs solve problems in a way we never imagined, when you look around you find that all the products and services that you use have been created to solve a problem, let us take for example that you wanted to move from one place to another faster, you will find applications for Android and iPhone phones that get A car, and another example that you want to move from one country to another faster, you find that you have applications for Android and iPhone phones to book airline tickets, and many others so all you need to do is find a problem from the daily lives of people and think about a solution to them and apply this idea in the form of an application

The second step to designing a mobile application

Think about the words related to the idea and the percentage of searching for it, as determining the need to design a mobile application is successful, and validation will confirm the existence of a request for an idea for your application, and you can also verify your idea using the Keyword Planner tool from Google to find the number of people who are searching for You are trying to do it, and you can also create a landing page that highlights the app’s extensive idea and grabs the user’s attention by signing up by email.

The third step to design a mobile application

Implementing the idea in a practical way, putting flow and special features in programming a mobile application, this means that the application idea is validated that you really have something that people want to use, and when making sure of that it will be time to put your product idea on paper so that you can remember all the details of the application or If you need external help, there is nothing better than having your ideas concrete so that others can read them, and when placing your idea on paper, remember to be as detailed as possible, then this flow includes how the user navigates the application in addition to all the added features to it, and this developer will help Understand your expectations b Clarity.

The fourth step to designing a mobile application

Regulating priorities, with regard to removing unnecessary features, this error is faced by most investors and owners of ideas, you do not have to issue the first application to be crowded with unimportant capabilities, and therefore you must remove any unnecessary feature from the flow document and the features that you have prepared, and start to Looking closely at the features that you can remove, your boxes should present the main value of the application idea in the beginning. In many cases, many features are not put in the first version and can always be added later as an update, which will reduce the initial costs of development and help you access Z market faster.

The fifth step to designing a mobile application

Start in design, put design first and then start programming the application, we have heard about a large number of businessmen saying that they want a very basic design and want to focus on developing an application only, and this method is very wrong, as the design is not limited to how your application appears only, It is also related to how the user experiences the application, said Ahmed Al Saeed, Project Manager at Prairie. “Design is the only way

To communicate between the project and the end user “, so you should search for a developer who puts the design first and then go to Mobile Application Programming that can reach the largest number of customers.

The sixth step to design a mobile application

Programming Mobile Application for your own project, hire a designer or developer for the company to program the mobile application, and search for a development company that has a great design talent and a strong development team, and while hiring a developer, use the Internet to verify its reliability and the applications they have created, and if you really like one of the applications That they have created from their product portfolio, there will be opportunities for contracting between you and the ability to design them for the appropriate application of your product.

The seventh step to design a mobile application

Creating developer accounts for Android and iPhone applications, you must register to obtain a developer account with the relevant application stores to download Android and iPhone applications in order to be able to sell your application through its platform, so you will need the option to register as an individual or as a company, if you already have one form.

The eighth step to design a mobile application

Use the analyzes shown to you, the combination of analyzes and ideas of phone applications will help you design an excellent mobile application, Analytics will also help you to track the number of downloads and user interaction, and you will also be able to keep it on your mobile phone, and you must make sure to use tools such as (Flurry) , It is available free of charge and (Localytics) which includes a free and paid version.

The ninth step to design a mobile application

Understanding reactions and improvisation, you should get feedback quickly and improvise once you run your app in the app store, where the first group of customer use and behavior will give you an idea of ​​how to improve your application and its development, the improvements and changes are constant so you should monitor user comments and continue to develop the application.

The tenth step to design a mobile application

Add the necessary improvements, you can now enter the features in the mobile programming, then after you built the first version with limited features and to provide only the basic purpose, it is time to evaluate and present the remaining features that you neglected in the programming of the application in the first version, then you will know through analyzes and comments whether The features are relevant anymore or not.

We can say that these steps are what you will need in order to be able to design your own mobile application, and to be able to be one of the top programmers who have created hundreds of applications located in all stores today, so we strongly advise you to focus on all steps and not to skip any step from These ten steps are mentioned in this article.


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