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  • August 24, 2020

Digital Advertising Management

Amidst the chaos and hustle and bustle of the digital world of advertising in all its forms, we seek through the digital advertising management service to pave the way for your brand high and away from all competitors, to achieve the best opportunities for you to communicate with your target audience and work to convert them into your continuing customers.

Our mission is to make your brand a shining star in the digital world, by designing marketing and advertising strategies that suit the field and target audience.

Through the innovative solutions and ideas that we will create together, you can achieve the best growth for your brand and reach different segments of the audience, ensuring that you outperform the rest of your competitors and attract their customers to you.

We will provide you with elaborate advertising campaigns by studying and analyzing your target audience, identifying the platforms they are on, and designing the campaign according to what you want to display, what the audience is looking for, and what suits their needs and desires.

We use all available digital and social media tools with skill and creativity to ensure that you reach your target audience 100%.

Thanks to our success and creativity in 2P Marketing and Public Relations during the past years, and as one of the approved Google partners in Turkey and the Middle East, we guarantee to provide you with our staff and our years of experience and excellence in managing digital advertising to create your success and engineer the future of your brand.

What will we do for you?

Advertising campaigns according to strategic plans to ensure the achievement of your goals.
Accurately identify the right platforms and target audiences.
Powerful and innovative ads that mix between achieving your goals and meeting the needs of your audience.
Find and use the right keywords to get more traffic and reach your ad.
Wider reach and better brand awareness.
Tracking and analyzing the data and results of the advertising campaign, and working on improving it and developing it for better results.
Manage your digital ads professionally and creatively

How do we do our work?

How do we do our work?
A business meeting with the client to discuss the ideas and visions required to work on and achieve them.
Determine the plans and strategies by which we will achieve the goals of the advertising campaign.
Determine the target audience, work on studying it and collect data about it, and identify the most influential and interactive platforms for the target audience.
Design ads by blending all required elements, analytics and expertise.
Show the end result of the ad to the customer, then launch the campaign.
Follow the reactions of the masses on the advertising campaign.
Monitor and follow up all information and data about the advertising campaign, analyze this data and work to make use of it in achieving the best results.

Advertising platforms on which we advertise

3 billion users on social media platforms .. Is it reasonable that they are not among your marketing goals?

There are large markets that you can access through these platforms, so how about if your competitors have already realized this before and preceded you to that audience ?!

Communication platforms have become many and numerous, and each has its own style, approach and audience, meaning that each platform and audience must be planned separately, which requires more studies, plans and strategies .. So we are here at your service.

Advertising on Facebook:

Facebook has the largest share of interaction and audiences compared to other platforms, so this platform is changing many algorithms that drive many brands for funded ads on Facebook to better reach the target audience.

We will help you advertise on Facebook in the way that best suits your goals, whether it is increasing the volume of interaction and likes, sponsored posts, stimulation of a specific action, conversion ads, remarketing, or otherwise.

Advertising on Twitter:

We work through advertising on Twitter for a wider spread of your account and brand through effective promotion of advertising content, getting more views of your tweets, and targeting audiences according to keywords, interests, site or device they use to browse. All this in order to increase your brand awareness and convert audiences to your website.

Advertising on You tube:

Advertising on YouTube
If your business is looking for an exciting new way to reach customers, then advertising on YouTube is the way for you. We can design videos that impact your audience, create more interest than image ads. This is what makes advertising on YouTube an important way to market your product or service to potential customers. In addition, traditional banner and image ads are still an available option on YouTube advertising, so you can select the media formats you want to use.

Note: Because Google owns YouTube, the tools and standards required for successful advertising are similar. This is especially distinguished for our team at 2P, as we are considered one of the first companies approved as a partner for Google in Turkey and the Middle East, and we strive to maintain leadership in this field and with various international companies.

Advertising on LinkedIn:

As advertising on LinkedIn evolves and achieves great results, we are attaching great importance to this platform.

We help you ensure that you get the expected ROI on advertising outlay on LinkedIn and reach your desired market. We offer tailored consulting strategies and services to ensure that when you advertise on LinkedIn that your campaigns accurately target your audience, and that they best meet your goals and your business goals.

Advertising on Google Ads:

We atXpassion are one of the first accredited companies in Turkey and the Middle East as one of Google’s partners in the field of digital marketing. We specialize in advertising on Google Ads.

Why should I advertise on Google Ads?

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Therefore, thanks to our experts, we will ensure that you are at the top of the search results, outperforming all competitors.

Double your chances of success and brand spread when you advertise on Google Ads, get more customers and sales at the same time, show your ads in Google search results, and secure your place at the top of competitors.

By advertising on Google Ads through our company, you are creating your own success.

Advertising on Instagram:

The Instagram platform is still at the forefront of platforms specializing in images and videos, and its algorithms are constantly evolving, which has made advertising on Instagram of high quality.

Through your work with us in advertising on Instagram, we will make sure that your advertising campaigns target your audience accurately in terms of geographical location, ages, languages, interests, behaviors and many other preferences. Advertising on Instagram is the domain of our team at 2P.

What makes Xpassion the leader in digital advertising management service?

We attach great importance to studying, measuring and analyzing data about the digital campaigns that we carry out, in order to determine the means for their success and the best approach in terms of style and form of presentation and the appropriate platform for that.

Our business strategy is to serve digital advertising management with important steps:

Knowing the primary opinions and attitudes of the audience towards the brand.
Knowing what the audience is looking for and what they want to hear, watch and enjoy.
How popular is the campaign?
How engaged the audience is with the campaign.
What is the campaign evaluation by following the audience’s interaction with the campaign, whether by liking, commenting or sharing.
Seriously following up on the suggestions and comments of the audience, as they give important indicators about their perceptions of the brand, and the extent to which the goals of the advertising campaign are being achieved.
Determine the appropriate ideas and plans to motivate the audience to take specific actions towards the brand (shop with us, subscribe now … etc)
Measuring campaign success by brand awareness and reach.
Measure campaign success by determining the volume of conversions generated from ads.
Measuring the size of the audience that turned into a brand’s customer.

Advertising budget

What is the appropriate budget for advertising services on social media? Is the digital ad management service expensive?
Many people have this question, but it is not the correct question.
You might spend $ 1000 on ads, but not get any benefit!
Therefore, the most important thing you should look for is:

The company you will deal with in your ad campaign.
The experience and competence of its employees.
The extent of its reach and reach to all platforms and audiences.