Organizing conferences and events

  • August 24, 2020

Organizing conferences and events
Organizing conferences and events is one of the exciting and innovative ways to deliver communication messages to institutions and organizations, whether it is for the purpose of launching a new product or service or for the purpose of collecting donations and presenting achievements. The tasks and procedures that must be taken and coordinated in order to provide and complete them, we can develop and implement innovative conferences and activities to have the desired impact on the public.

Whereas this type of services requires extensive experience in managing exhibitions and conferences in a distinctive modern style that lives up to the global style pursued by major companies worldwide, 2P seeks through its specialized and expert team in the organizational affairs of exhibitions and conferences to secure all the mechanisms for implementing the event, which the client requires professionally and High efficiency, starting from the client’s desire to establish his event and conduct a special study for it, through which the appropriate timing is discussed, the target audience and the axes that will be based on it, the near and far goals and the message that should be communicated to the public through its establishment.

The study of organizing conferences consists of basic services, namely:

Conference planning:

Planning and organizing conferences by researching with the client about the goals he seeks to achieve from that event, the nature of the target audience, the number expected to attend, the budget that he allocated to implement the event, how to finance the financial, his ideas about marketing, the level of official representation, etc. Our role in working to provide an integrated plan that includes implementation proposals, time plan, technical requirements and financial costs while providing the various options available from suppliers and service providers who can provide the required services and by which the customer’s idea can be transformed from an idea into reality.

Conference visual identity design:

Services for designing and implementing a visual identity for the event, creating a website for the event, sending flyers and promotional messages to the public, while securing appropriate media coverage through audio, print, visual and new media, and perhaps this service is one of the important services that cannot be separated from the importance of other services, as It is considered the general nature of the event, in which the goals and vision of those in charge are explained briefly, making it a mental image imprinted in the thought of every recipient, thus provoking him to follow up and interact with it effectively.

Securing and equipping the venue for the conference:

The services of preparing and coordinating the venue for the conference from the hall and the main stage, as the place that must host that event must be commensurate with the type of event, and in line with the high taste that gives the event great importance and psychological comfort for the audience, as we have many options to equip a venue The conference in the best way to contribute to enhancing the image of our customers.

Securing picture and sound equipment:

Image equipment and lighting services, where the best devices used in this field are used, to ensure the quality of the captured image, and to provide comfortable lighting that helps those in charge of the event to highlight their activities optimally.

Conference interpretation:

This service is for events aimed at a multicultural and multilingual audience, as it is not possible to ignore the groups that do not speak the language on which the event depends. Rather, it is necessary to pay attention to everyone who registered his interest in following this event, by conveying the course of events in the language and image that he understands In a distinctive and professional professional style.

Media coverage and documentation of the conference:

The importance of this service lies in the methods of activating the media coverage of the event, relying on the latest means that are carefully selected and confident that it will be the best option for communicating the public’s opinion about what happened in that event.