Public Relations Consulting

  • August 24, 2020

Public Relations Consulting

The importance of public relations consulting stems from the functional role it plays in supporting and documenting the institutions’ links with the surrounding society and contributing to drawing a positive image of institutions and developing their policies and actions in order to develop trust and cooperation with different segments of individuals and other institutions.

Based on the principle of “human understanding that serves the values ​​of society,” 2P provides consulting services in the field of public relations for companies and institutions wishing to develop and sustain their business while preserving their good reputation in society through building links and trust with other bodies.

Xpassion's vision in public relations consulting is:

Strengthening the link between the institution and its audience, through identification channels, with the aim of developing it and strengthening the bonds of cooperation through it.
Strengthening the link between the institution and the rest of the official and informal channels, through the exchange of information and data in order to coordinate the existing work between them.
Applying all scientific foundations in order to achieve common goals between the institution and its public.
Adopting feedback to develop the institution’s work performance based on customer opinions and their satisfaction with its services or their desire for it due to something.

Based on the previous criteria, Xpassion provides public relations advice through a group of experts and specialists in this field to present a summary of their experience through:

Formulating a solid corporate strategy. Designing and building structures for public relations, corporate communication and media departments and overseeing them.
Designing internal communication networks between employees of institutions and associate members of organizations.
Designing various media qualification programs and professional training in the field of institutional communication and public relations, qualifying spokespersons and media spokesmen, and experts in the field of institutional communication and public relations.

Presenting appropriate strategies for ways to build the institution’s internal responsibilities towards society and the events it goes through, and the possibility of developing the institution’s system as a basic building block of the institutional community system.
In order for the institution not to be vulnerable in times of crises that may befall it, a deliberate plan is developed according to a scientific approach based on careful follow-up of the institution’s workflow, comparing it to the society in which it exists, and developing its preventive systems to best deal with sudden and unexpected crises.
Developing social responsibility project ideas and designing and managing project work models
Preparing media plans and managing public relations and electoral campaigns.